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Here are the services I provide, all you need for successful communication with your Italian audience.

Translation (100% Human)

Did you know that texts are more appealing to an audience if they are in their language? The road to the success of your intercultural communication relies on translation, and I can help you connect with your Italian audience. Send me your English, Spanish and/or French text and I'll produce a high-quality translation into Italian. I always make sure my translations sound natural and meet my clients' requirements to lead them to success. My areas of expertise? Travel & tourismmarketing and education material, but don't hesitate to get in touch for projects on other subjects.

Interlingual Subtitling

Not only does your Italian audience prefer to have access to written texts, but also to audiovisual materials in their language. If you want to provide them with high-standard subtitles but your video is in English, Spanish or French, I can produce Italian subtitles and do the spotting to ensure a smooth viewing experience.


Sometimes simple translation may not be enough to make your content relevant for and attractive to an audience from a different country, due to the differences in linguistic patterns, culture and background knowledge. This is why you may need a touch of creativity, especially for marketing material: “transcreation” is the perfect blend of translation and creation, and I can use it to help you succeed with your Italian audience.

Audio/Video Transcription

You may need to transcribe the Italian aural content of your audio or video into written text. Since accuracy is paramount, hire me and I'll provide professional transcription to meet your specific needs.      

MT Post-Editing

You may decide to use machine translation (MT) for certain texts, but the output usually needs post-editing by a human translator. Do you need light or full post-editing to make your final text fit for purpose? I can ensure your translated Italian text meets the level of quality you aim at, based on its intended use and audience.


I'm a native Italian speaker with excellent writing skills and a keen eye for detail and accuracy. This is why I can proofread your texts in Italian, find any errors, and ensure the result is clear, accurate and flawless.

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